All About Shark Bite Piercings: A Comprehensive Guide

Lip piercings have become a popular choice in the world of body modification, offering various options for self-expression. The shark bite piercing is a distinctive choice Among the trendy styles.

The shark bite piercing involves four piercings grouped to mimic the appearance of a shark’s teeth. These double piercings are symmetrically placed beneath the lower lip in the side labret area. This unique style allows for a creative and personalized look, especially when combined with other lip or septum piercings.

While the shark bite piercing can be visually striking, it comes with considerations. Getting four piercings at once can impact the healing process, and choosing the proper placement is crucial for achieving the desired aesthetic. Close collaboration with a professional piercer ensures the outcome aligns with your preferences.

In summary, the shark bite piercing offers a fashionable and edgy way to adorn the lips, but careful planning and collaboration with a skilled piercer are essential for a successful and aesthetically pleasing result.

Is it Worth the Pain?

 Every piercing in a shark bite won’t hurt more than a regular labret piercing, but the overall pain can be higher because there are four. A skilled piercer can help make it less uncomfortable, but if you’re worried, spreading the piercings over a couple of days gives each time to settle before getting the next. If you get all four piercings together, be prepared for some swelling. Swelling is normal for any piercing, but because the shark bite involves four piercings in a fleshy area, it can be uncomfortable for a few days afterwards. Consider this if you decide to go for all four piercings simultaneously.

Tips for the Healing Process

 The Shark Bite Piercing typically completes its healing process within a span of 2 to 6 months. While the healing of each piercing isn’t inherently more challenging than treating a single lip piercing, it demands heightened aftercare diligence. Offering personalised attention to each piercing is crucial to fostering a smooth and successful healing journey for all components of this unique and stylish arrangement.

Aftercare Rules

 Because the shark bite piercing is close to your mouth, which has lots of germs, keeping it clean is crucial for it to heal well. Also, since the jewellery is in the mouth area, you might accidentally bite on it, especially with four pieces on each side of your mouth. Eating can be tricky. Here are some essential tips to make healing more accessible for your new shark bite piercing.

Soak with Sea Salt 2-3 Times Daily: Do Sea salt soaks 2-3 times daily. It helps prevent infections, which is especially crucial for face piercings. Since you have four piercings, wash each side separately, unless you find a big enough cup to soak two at a time.

Start with Soft Foods: Stick to soft foods for the first few days. Getting used to four larger jewellery pieces around your mouth, especially during swelling, can be tricky. Opt for soft foods to avoid accidentally chewing on your new jewellery and potentially harming your teeth.

Prioritise Your Health: Your body will work hard to heal four piercings, so support it by making healthy choices. Avoid alcohol and cigarettes during the healing process, get enough rest, and eat well. Treat your body like you would when recovering from a cold.

Avoid Foreign Substances, Including Intimacy: Keep your piercing clear of anything that might lead to infection during the healing period. This includes avoiding makeup, lipstick, face wash, or any products with harmful chemicals that can clog your piercing. Additionally, refrain from kissing or engaging in oral activities to prevent complications during the healing process.

Shark Bite Jewellery Styles

Opt for Sleek Flat Back Labret Studs: Choose flat back labret studs with a simple bead for a popular and understated look in this piercing style. These studs allow the piercing to shine without being overshadowed by large jewellery. For a touch of personality, consider labret studs with charms or gemstones.

Explore Circular Barbells for a Bold Look: If you want a bold statement, go for a circular barbell. It’s a striking style that adds an extra edge to your shark bite piercing.

Go for Hoops for a Unique Touch: Hoops are an excellent choice for something in between. A hoop sitting flush with your lip provides a distinctive aesthetic that sets your style apart in a unique way.

 Considerations Before Getting a Shark Bite Piercing

Potential Dental Concerns: The placement of the shark bite piercing increases the likelihood of jewellery contact with teeth and gums, leading to problems such as enamel wear and receding gum lines. If you already have existing dental issues, there may be better choices than lip piercing for you.

Intensive Aftercare Demands: The four-piercing nature of the shark bite style requires a more rigorous aftercare routine compared to other piercing types. This heightened maintenance may pose challenges, especially for beginning beginners. If you have reservations, a more manageable approach could involve getting one piercing at a time, allowing each to heal before proceeding to the next.