Many cultures around the world have embraced nose piercings, and they are a great way to add grace and style to your look. They are not only represent culture but also considered as a symbol of elegance and beauty. Sometimes it becomes difficult to choose the right jewellery for your nose and get confused about which will look better. So, we are going to dig into mesmerizing nose-piercing jewellery types, styles and trends. Whether you choose jewellery for your nostrils or septum, we have gathered various options for you to create a stylish look.

When you buy nose jewellery, it’s better to invest in high-quality material, as that will give you long-term benefits. Moreover, don’t use standard nose rings, generally 22G, because they do not allow the piercing to heal properly and can migrate, damaging the nose tissue. You can opt for 18G or 20G.


They are considered a classic and versatile choice that gives an elegant look. They comprise a small decorative piece that is attached to a post that is inserted into the piercing. Following are the types of studs to choose from.

Nose Bone Stud

They consist of an embellishment on one side and a small ball on the other side, whereas the diameter of the ball is slightly bigger than the embellishment. These types of piercings are the best choice for newly healed piercing as they not only give you an eye-catching appearance but also provide comfort.

Fishtail or Straight Nose Pins

Fishtail nose studs are different from nose bone studs in such a way that they are simply straight pins that have to be bent by the piercer. It is a good starter jewellery, but with only one disadvantage, you can’t bend it on your own.

L- Shape Nose Stud

This kind of nose stud has posts with a 90-degree angle bend. It is the preferable nose stud among piercer enthusiasts as it is easy to insert into the piercing and fits more strongly than others. In addition, they come in a range of designs and shapes and also come in left and right variations, which makes them a fantastic choice.

Labret Nose Studs

You might be surprised to know that you can wear a labret stud on your nose. Although they are not specially designed for nose piercings but are highly popular and easy to wear among individuals. It consists of a decorative detachable piece on one side and a flat disc on the other. You can easily screw the detachable end into the post and get a stylish look.

The above-mentioned delicate pieces are suggested especially for those who want a simple and sophisticated look. These nose studs will flare up your style if you get a stud embellished with beautiful gemstones that will gives you a touch of sophistication and grace every time you wear them and help you to achieve your desired look.

Nose Screw

One of the dominant and widely preferred styles of nose rings is the nostril screw. This type of nose jewellery features a post that is typically around an inch in length and twisted from the end to form a gentle C-curve shape like a screw. The unique design of the nostril screw offers security when worn because the screw designs securely hold the nose jewelry. You can customize your nose screw according to your preferences. However, these are not for beginners because it is not easy to insert them into the nose; you will need help from a professional.

Hoop Nose Rings

If you are someone seeking edgy or bohemian aesthetics, this nose jewellery is perfect for you. Hoops are available in different diameters and styles, from minimal to intricate designs, complementing various styles. You can choose your favourite hoop ring from the following designs.

Seamless Hoop Ring

Unlike other hoops, a seamless hoops have no clasp to close it; however, you have to twist away the ends from each other to open it. This is not too much and not too less jewellery which you can wear casually. But if you want a bolder look, you can choose larger gauges to make it trendier.

Captive Bead Nose Rings

The captive beads rings are one of the popular choices as they consist of a bead or a tiny ball to give you a fancy look. The ball is held by a tension which provides a secure fit. You can go for this kind of piercing if you want comfort and grace altogether.

Fake Nose Ring

If you are someone who doesn’t get a piercing yet and wants to slay without a piercing, then this nose ring is for you. Fake nose rings are usually designed in a hoop style that fits comfortably onto the nose. These nose rings are designed so no one will ever discover it’s fake until you tell them. You can also try these fake nose rings before getting your septum or nostril piercing done to check if it looks good.

Septum Clickers

Septum Clicker comprises a circular hoop that is present at the bottom and a straight bar at the top, which passes through the septum. They are one of the creative hoop rings that are a substitute for the conventional form of nose rings and come in various designs that suit your style preferences and interests. Moreover, you can comfortably insert it into the septum.

Horseshoe Septum Ring

The horse shoe septum ring is a popular choice for those looking to make a bold fashion statement with their septum piercing. This unique jewellery piece, also known as a circular barbell, features a U-shaped design like a horseshoe. It adds a touch of edginess and uniqueness to your look while allowing for easy customization and versatility.

Nose Piercing Chain

This is a popular type of nose jewellery these days. It connects a nose ring to the earring creating an eye-catching adornment to make you stands out. But they cannot be used casually as they can easily stuck in clothes or hair causing discomfort.

The above-mentioned nose jewellery types will help you choose the desired jewellery but make sure to consider the following factors when selecting a nose ring because every nose is unique

–         Size of the Gem

–         Metal type

–         Post Gauge thickness

–         Post length

Considering these factors will allow you to create a captivating look that ensures beauty and comfort.