Piercings are a fun way to decorate your body. When we say piercings isan art, it’s a way to express yourself aesthetically.  By defining piercings as body art, the art of ear piercing has undergone a transformative evolution in recent years. Those days are gone when you only opt for simple lobe piercings; these days, it’s all about creating exceptional and personalized ear stacks. It involves wearing multiple earrings on the same earlobe, creating a layered, visually appealing look. From helix to tragus and conch to daith, you can find a range of piercings to choose from. If you are planning to have an ear stack piercing, give it a read. We will probe into the world of ear piercings exploring several piercing options, jewellery styles and tips to achieve a visually pleasing look.

Before starting, let’s first look into the types of ear piercings.

The picture above shows the piercings you can have on your ear. Stacking earrings come in different designs like studs, Huggies or hoops, and you can wear them in a variety of ear piercings, including ear lobe, helix, conch, rook, daith or snug piercing. You will be surprised to know that the ear is the only part of the body which can be decorated with as much jewellery as you want to make it look more beautiful and appealing.

Mixing different styles to make an ear stack

Before choosing multiple piercings on your ears, it is essential to consult your piercer so they can check out the anatomy and balance of the ear. Moreover, allow the first piercing to heal properly and then go for the next piercing; otherwise, it might turn out to be a nightmare.

 It is essential for ear stack piercing to balance your skin tone, personal aesthetic and the weight and style of the jewellery. This balancing will go to create the look that you want. Your ear anatomy matters a lot sometimes; there is less area on people’s tragus or daith to get pierced, and the piercer avoids piercing it.

Mixing and matching are very important. Don’t get the same jewellery for both ears. Try choosing different pieces of jewellery and mix your jewellery from larger to smaller when going up the lobe. The following tips can help you in getting the perfect ear stack.

Follow Cascadian Rule

According to this rule, if you have larger dangling pieces in your front, i.e. first, second and third and smaller jewellery as you go up the ears, huggie or stud pieces. It gives you a natural elongated ear stack. Moreover, it will look more beautiful and aesthetically appealing.

Try Minimal look

It is easy to overload your earring stack, so if you are a beginner looking for something simple minimal and doesn’t look crowded, copy for stud earrings that are delicate and trendy. This will help you attain an impactful look. Moreover, you can have two or more piercings on the same lobe. Keeping it less will be a more comfortable style to wear and it’s also a very comfortable style to wear. Ensure that the piercings are properly aligned and spaced so they don’t rub against each other.

Use other parts of the ear for stacking

To make your stack look more edgy and unique, try using other parts of the ear for stacking. For example, you can have helix, conch, tragus or snug piercings, or you can have it on the rim of the ear. It can help you express your unique personality and add a touch of versatility that will be the head-turner.

Opt for different colours and metals.

Choosing a variety of colours will make your ears stack eye-catching. Decorate it with colourful gemstones or jewels. To create a dazzling and vibrant look, gemstone earrings will enhance your ear stack. Make sure to choose colours that complement each other. Moreover, you can choose metals that are comfortable to wear; with fashion, comfort comes first. Avoid metals which can irritate. 

Try different lengths If you have a layered earring stack and want it to stand out, go for earrings of different lengths and sizes. You can have Huggies and small hoops in your first, second, or third lobe, and you can mix those with ear studs that can be worn on conch tragus or helix piercing. This will create a fabulous and eclectic look.

Jewellery to choose from

There is a variety of jewellery to choose from for your ear stack. But we have created a list to make it easy for you.

  1. Classic studs that include ball studs, gemstone studs and flat-back studs for the minimal look
  2. Huggies and hoops of different sizes add timeless elegance
  3. Captive bead rigs and simple rings
  1. Ear cuff if you don’t have piercing and climbers to add instant drama to the look
  2. To add movement and glamour, you can go for chain earrings and dangles

These stack ear piercings look great if you style them wisely, making your ears more symmetrical and gorgeous. The best thing about this piercing is that there is less chance of migration as compared to single-ear piercing, making it the perfect choice for people who have trouble keeping their earrings in place. But when deciding to have an ear stack make sure the first one heals properly before going to the next one. Moreover, the alignment is essential to make it look more appealing and for a flawless finish. In addition, there should be a space between them so, they don’t rub against each other.