Top Piercing Ideas to Try In 2023 For Your Unique Ear Shape

If you like styling your ears, it’s time to celebrate because the curated ear trend is still prevalent in 2023. Stacking ear piercings is fun to make your look unique, especially if you spend your days in sweatpants on Zoom. Whether you keep the same combo every day or change it up, creating the perfect curated ear is about where you want your piercings, how they balance each other, and what style you like.

Best Piercing Ideas For Small Ears

People with smaller ears need to think carefully about their earrings. Small, delicate earrings work well for them and allow for trying combinations without looking too busy. Smaller ears may have limitations for certain piercings, like tragus or daith, due to less cartilage. Getting additional lobe piercings might be challenging if the ear is narrow or sticks out. In such cases, choosing a high lobe piercing instead of a third lobe piercing can create enough space between them, but it might be more painful and take longer to heal than regular lobe piercings. Apart from lobe piercings, smaller ears can look good with helix, forward helix, rook, and conch piercings.

Rook & Triple Lobe Piercings

 The rook piercing is an excellent choice for different ear shapes, especially if your daith or tragus is too tiny for a piercing. It works well for narrow ears that stick out or have pointed tips. Unlike other piercings like conch or helix, the rook piercing, being in the cartilage, suits smaller or narrower ears without being too overwhelming. But remember, the rook piercing is known to be more painful than some other piercings, so be prepared for some discomfort. If your ears stick out or are pointy, the rook piercing can balance things by drawing attention inward. Pairing it with a triple (or double) lobe piercing helps keep focus on the lower part of your ear. If your ear lobes are broader, you can create a balanced look with a lobe constellation, placing piercings strategically to maximize the ear’s surface area.

Double Lobe and Helix Piercing

 Make your ears look stylish with a straightforward approach. Use small studs on your earlobes and a thin hoop on the upper part of your ear (helix). Add more style by putting studs in your double lobe piercings and getting a double helix piercing, or if you don’t have the cartilage piercing, use an ear cuff. These stacked earrings are simple and eye-catching, great for everyday wear and occasions. If you have a narrow or pointy ear shape, consider adding a chainmail earring or ear cuff to give more length and volume to your ear’s lower part or sides.

Lobe, Conch and Helix

Your earrings can stand out without being too much for small ears. Mix stacked huggies and dangling earrings for a bold look. Wear eye-catching long earrings on your earlobes to balance things out if your upper ear is more comprehensive or has a pointed shape. Try stacking huggies along the outer edge of your ear for a relaxed and straightforward style.

Combine matching Huggies in the conch and helix spots with a bold pendant earring on the lobe if your ears are slim. That adds fullness without using dangling earrings that might make your ears look thinner. Finish off the look with a flat placement or an ear cuff. If your ears are round or square, swap helix earrings for a daith, inner conch, or flat piercing. These cartilage piercings bring attention inward, balancing the natural shape of your ear.

Best Piercing Ideas For Large Ears

 Consider yourself Lucky if you love lots of ear piercings. If your ears are more prominent, you have more space for creativity with your curated ear style. You can stack different-sized earrings without looking too crowded. Piercings like daith or tragus are good options because you have extra room. Whether you can get a snug or industrial piercing depends on your ear’s shape and if you have distinct cartilage ridges. There are endless possibilities for ear piercing combinations, but decorating your lobes, helix, and flat areas is a safe and stylish choice, no matter your ear shape. Just focus on the placements you want to highlight.

Monochrome Lobe & Flat Piercings

 Make your curated ear look simple by choosing one colour and texture. Keep it minimal with elemental gold and silver earrings, or add a pop with colourful and eye-catching jewels. Mix it up by having three or two piercings on your earlobe and a matching earring in your flat piercing. That breaks up the space and looks subtle compared to your natural ear shape.